About General Food Additives

From humble beginers to leading bakers destination - GFA (General Food Additives)

With more than four decades of experience & expertise and a product offering that’s second to none, it’s not surprising that GFA is the leading brand of choice in the bakers market in Bangalore and surrounding cities.

General Food Additives was founded in 1977 by T. Kalyana Raman. A food technologist and entrepreneur, he realized a growing need for baking supplies that were (and still is) seldom found in India. With an increasing number of home bakers who frantically search for obscure ingredients like alginate, Mr. Raman had the foresight to tap into the need for high-quality baking material, sealed and packaged for the convenience of budding chefs. Familiar with the baking business he perceived that people were struggling to get the requisites from other states. Added to this is the fact that baking products are usually sold only in wholesale quantities, so keeping this in mind GFA exclusively caters to the needs of baking enthusiasts by repacking baking supplies hygienically in smaller quantities. Apart from accommodating the needs of home bakers, GFA also has a wholesale division that caters to bakeries and major hotel chains for bulk sales.

Today, 40 years later, GFA continues to be committed to quality as well as meeting the needs of every valued customer; a household name in its own right.

This is no magic - only a result of hard work and total commitment to quality.