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Ice Cream

General Food Additives has a rich history and reputation as a quality supplier of ingredients to the ice cream industry.

We can draw and formulate new products specifically for your application or match an existing flavour profile.



Few can resist the rich, decadent taste and texture of chocolate. Whether you are creating confections, pastries, ice cream or beverages, chocolate adds the right appeal.

General Food Additives high-quality cocoa and chocolate portfolio spans a range of flavors and applications.



General Food Additives works relentlessly to show case ingredients and technical solutions that help bakers to succeed in today’s market place.

Our products span through traditional baking ingredients, convenient mixes, specialty ingredients, decorative toppers, fillers, colours and flavours.



we stock an incredible array of moulds from around the world and you will be hard pushed to find such a vast selection of accessories in one place.

Moulds are available in food grade silicone and plastic, and can be used for a wide range of mediums such as chocolate, hard candy, candy clay, candle making, royal icing, polymer clay, soap making, ice, bread dough, marzipan and cookies etc…